Some Useful Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lenses make you to enjoy your vision while improving your overall looks. Many people who are new to Contact Lenses or who have been wearing them since a long time, have some practical concerns about Contacts. Some of the major concerns are about applying and removing the lens, wearing the lens along with makeup and how to keep the lens safe. Here, we give you some useful tips that can greatly help you to deal with all your concerns about Contact Lens. These tips help the wearers to avoid the complications which are caused by the wrong use of the lens.

How to apply Contact Lens?

Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before applying the lens and avoid using scented or oily soaps because these might stick on the surface of the lens. Especially avoid using moisturizing lotions because the residue from these lotions can stick to the lens. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel (it is a cleaning cloth that doesn’t give any fluff when used) before applying the lens because it can cling to the wet hands.

Start applying the first lens in the same eye always so that you don’t mix up the right and left lenses. By using the index finger, slide the lens out of the case or package and then rinse it with the Contact Lens solution as recommended by the doctor. Place the lens on tip of index finger. After that, pull the lower lid down with middle finger of the same hand and hold upper lid with the other hand and directly place the lens. Then, gently release the eyelids, roll your eyes in complete circle so that the lens can be settled down and then blink. After that, look into the mirror to make sure that the lens is in center on your eye and if it is in center, you will feel comfortable with Contact Lens and vision will also clear.

How to remove Contact Lens?

The first step is to always washing the hands before removing the lens. If you are standing in front of the sink then cover the drain with a clean paper towel because the lens may accidentally fall down. In order to remove soft Contact Lenses, pull down the lower lid, look up or to the side and gently move the lens towards white of the eye. There, you can use your thumb and index finger together to gently pinch the lens and lift it off the eye. Make sure to keep you finger nails short to avoid any scratching or damaging the eyes, until you become master in removing the lens.

In order to remove gas permeable Contact Lenses, open up your eyes wide and pull the skin at the corner of the eye towards the ear. Then bend over your open palm of other hand and blink. Then the lens pop out into the opened palm of your hand.       

Eye makeup tips for Contact Lens wearers:

Follow these simple tips that keep your eyes look and feel good with Contact Lenses:

  • Put soft Contact Lens before applying the eye makeup and put gas permeable lens after you have applied the eye makeup.
  • Always take out the lenses before taking off the eye makeup.
  • Use non-allergenic makeup because it is less likely to cause any allergic reaction than other cosmetic products. Avoid glittery or metallic eye shadows and eye liners, lash-lengthening and waterproof mascara because they can irritate your lenses.
  • Cream eye shadow is better than powder eye shadow because it is less likely to get into the eyes, but at the same time, it will cause much irritation to your eyes if it gets into them. To avoid this problem, you must choose water-based cream eye shadow rather than oil-based. If still you want to apply powder eye shadow then make sure to apply it while closing your eyes and brush off the excess powder especially from eye lashes, before opening the eyes.
  • Avoid applying eyeliner between your upper and lower inner rims (between your lashes and eye). Apply eyeliner on that portion of lashes only which is away from the eye.
  • Replace your eye makeup at least every three months, because bacteria may get into your old eye makeup then into your eyes causing infection. Moreover, avoid sharing your eye makeup with others.

Contact Lens Types

Safety tips for Contact Lenses:

Some useful tips to keep your lenses safe include:

  1. Make sure that the lenses and their storage cases should be cleaned and disinfected regularly according to the doctor’s instructions.
  2. Replace the lens daily as per the doctor’s instructions.
  3. Always discard the old solution in the lens case and replace it with fresh solution.
  4. You can use a multipurpose solution to clean, rinse and disinfect the lens. Always rub the lens when you clean them even if you’re using a “no-rub solution”, because research implies that rubbing cleans better.

Avoid mixing Contact Lens with water:

If you are out of the lens solution then don’t rinse it with tap water, because water contains microbes that can cause serious infections to your eyes. Avoid wearing lenses in shower and avoid placing lens in your mouth or use saliva to wet it.

Cleanliness of Contact Lens case:

Carefully clean your lens case by rinsing it every night with disinfecting solution and wipe it with tissue then let it dry. Make sure to replace the case every three months.

When Contact Lenses hurt:

The lens may feel uncomfortable if there is something on it or under it or if it is inside out. In order to remove any dust or dirt, take the lens out and rinse it with non-peroxide solution or rewetting drops. Avoid wearing them if still they stay uncomfortable and also avoid using them when your eyes are already red and irritated. If the lens stays uncomfortable even after rinsing it then stop wearing it and consult the doctor.

How to know that the lens is “inside out”?

Some of the newbie wearers might ask the question that how they can tell that their lens is “inside out”. There is a trick for that, place the lens on the finger so that it takes a shape of a cup. Then hold the lens directly in front of your eyes in a way that you’re looking at side of the cup. If the lens has a “U” shape with top edges flare out then it is “inside out” and if it only forms a “U” shape then it is in correct position.

Contact Lens and sports:

As the lenses rarely move or fall out, so you can wear them during sports and other activities. They also do not fog up like the glasses while giving you a better peripheral vision. If you are a swimmer then avoid wearing lenses, even with watertight goggles, there is chance of eye infection and you may get difficulty while removing the lens as it gets wet. If accidentally, you wear them then use saline or rewetting drops that loosen, clean and disinfect the lenses.

Decorative and cosmetic Contact Lenses:

You may want to change your eye’s color to get a new attractive look so you can wear decorative or cosmetic lens, which are also safe but make sure to get them from the eye doctor.            

Tip to get rid of eye strain problems:  

Majority of teenagers and young adults spend long hours in front of computers, cell phones and television. This screen time can cause dryness and tiredness to the eyes causing eye strain and computer vision problems. The tip is that try a 20-20-20 rule, which means that after every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds break from the screen and look at something that is 20 feet away.       

Book an appointment with eye specialists at Menger Eye Center in NYC:

Contact Lenses come in various shapes, materials and strengths that don’t match with your glasses prescription. So, if you want to wear Contact Lenses then consult the eye specialists or ophthalmologists or optometrists at Menger Eye Center, who can find the right prescription and the lens that perfectly fits to your eyes. Our board certified ophthalmologists recommend a complete usage plan along with the detailed instructions that will definitely help you to safely wear the lens.  You can also buy the best Contact Lenses in NYC from our optical center in affordable cost.   

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