Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

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    Diabetic Retinopathy

    Diabetic Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes and a leading cause of blindness in American adults. Although it can cause serious vision loss but early detection and proper treatment can slow down or even stop the progress of this condition. Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, at Menger Eye Center in New York is highly experienced and recommended eye specialist for complete Diabetic Retinopathy treatment.

    What benefits you will get with Diabetic Retinopathy treatment from Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD?

    • Proper treatment plan tailored to individual needs
    • Advanced testing facilities
    • Regular post-treatment care

    Why Choose Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, for treating Diabetic Retinopathy?
    Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, is a board certified and experienced eye specialist who effectively treats the condition of Diabetic Retinopathy. The team of professional practitioners at Menger Eye Center provides the proper Diabetic Retinopathy treatment guidelines according to each patient’s individual needs. State of the art facilities are available for diagnosis the condition which, along with timely and proper treatment provides best results to the patients.

    Dr. Menger can be contacted by calling the given number or by filling out the website’s contact form.

    Diabetic Retinopathy Disease Questions & Answers:

    What is Diabetic Retinopathy?
    Diabetic Retinopathy is a condition that affects both eyes of diabetic people. In this condition, the blood vessels of retina (light sensitive tissue at back of eye) damaged. It can develop in anyone who has type-1 or type-2 diabetes. The length of time a patient has diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar level will determine the likelihood of developing Diabetic Retinopathy

    What are the symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy?
    There are no symptoms at early stage of eye Diabetic Retinopathy.  As the condition becomes acute, the symptoms start appearing. They include:

    • Floating spots
    • Blurred and fluctuating vision
    • Difficulty in seeing colors
    • Empty or dark areas in vision
    • Blindness

    What are the types of Diabetic Retinopathy?
    There are two main types of Diabetic Retinopathy:

    1. Early Diabetic Retinopathy: It is the common form and new blood vessels stops growing in this condition. Retina becomes swell.
    2. Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy: It is the more severe condition of diabetic retinopathy. In this form, damaged blood vessels close off and abnormal blood vessels starts grow in retina.

    How is Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosed?
    Dr. Menger and his team conduct a comprehensive eye exam and a test called “Dilated Eye Exam” to diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy.

    What is the treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy?
    The treatment depends on the type of Diabetic Retinopathy and severity of the condition. The treatment is aimed to slow down or stop the progression of the disease.

    For early Diabetic Retinopathy which is a mild condition, there is no need of treatment right away. The eye specialist monitors the eye and recommends the appropriate action accordingly. Also you should consult a diabetes specialist to improve the management of your diabetes, which in turn will also help in halting the deterioration.

    For advanced Diabetic Retinopathy, there is urgent need of treatment. The treatment options depend on the specific retina condition. Some of these options include:

    • Focal laser treatment
    • Scattered laser treatment
    • Vitrectomy (it is a diabetic retinopathy surgery)

    Early detection of the disease, regular eye checkups and perfect diabetes management can effectively prevent the severe vision loss and stops the disease progression.