How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost In USA?

The most common question people think about while considering buying contact lenses is “How much do contact lenses cost?” Although it seems quite a simple question the answer is difficult that often starts with “Well, the cost depends on….

If we describe the price of contact lenses, it would be same as describing the price for a pair of shoes. As the price of a pair of shoes depends on various factors such quality of material, how long do they last, how you use them, and where you buy them, likewise, the cost of the contact lenses depends on some of these same factors. The contact lenses cost varies depending on a wide range of factors such as the type of contact lens that you choose, how often you replace them as per prescription, where you buy them etc.

As the cost of contact lenses depends on different factors and the prices of contacts also change frequently, it is difficult to describe an accurate cost of contacts. But here we give you an approximate cost of contacts in the USA according to the different factors.


Contact lenses price list:

People while buying contacts of different types often have these kinds of questions in their mind:

  • How much do monthly contacts cost?
  • How much do colored contacts cost?
  • How much do daily contacts cost?
  • How much do prescription contacts cost?

There are different types of contact lenses available in several varieties. You need to find the right lens keeping in view your prescription, vision needs, budget, length of wear, and lifestyle.

So, below is the price list contact lens according to various factors:

Cost of contact lens with insurance


The rates of co-pay and coinsurance vary depending on the type of vision insurance you have. The average cost of one year supply of contacts is $25 while some plans charge co-pays by a box of lenses and average cost per box is to $10.


Cost of contact lens without insurance


Cost of lenses without insurance depends on the lens type & length of wear etc and we will give the average cost of different types of lenses here.   

Cost of disposable contacts

Usually, disposable lenses are sold in boxes of 30 lenses and the retail price is $20 – $30 per box. With this estimate, the annual average cost of disposable contact lenses is $480 – $720. If you order several boxes as one year supply, you can get discount and rebate that reduces the overall cost.


You can eliminate the cost of contact lens cleaner because you don’t need to clean disposable contacts.



Cost of extended-wear (30-days) contacts

Extended wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses usually cost $250 – $300 for 12 months supply. The cost of one box of 6 lenses is $50 – $70 and so you may need 4-5 boxes for 12 months. Cost of contact lens solution can be eliminated with these 30 days lens wear.


Cost of contacts for Astigmatism

Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism and they frequently retail at a price of $50 – $70 for one box of six lenses.


If you replace toric lenses every 2 weeks, the approx. annual lens cost becomes $500 – $700. If you replace lenses less frequently, the cost becomes less expensive. 


Cost of contacts for Presbyopia

The disposable bifocal contact lenses estimated per-box cost is $50 – $70 that makes up the annual cost of $500 – $700.  


Cost of colored contacts

Colored contact lens or tinted soft contacts are more expensive than regular contacts. Whether you want to wear them for aesthetic or medical reasons, you can expect to pay approx. 70 to 80 percent more than non-tinted contacts.  


Cost of special-effect contacts

Special-effect contacts are usually sold separately in individual glass vials (small glass bottle or vessel) and their per lens cost ranges from $50 to more than $200.



Contact lens solutions cost:

You also need to consider the cost of contact lens solutions that are used to clean and disinfect the lenses. If you use contact lenses on daily basis and need to clean and disinfect them after every use, the expected annual cost of contact lens solution is approx. $150 – $200. In order to determine the total cost of contact lens and contact lens solution, you can add this amount $150 – $200 to the cost given in above price list.

If you wear daily disposable lenses and discard them after every use, there is no need for a contact lens solution. In case, if sometimes you need to rinse or rewet your daily disposable contacts and if you work or live in dry, dusty environment, keep a contact lens solution bottle handy with you.  

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